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Household Shifting

Household shifting is not the shifting of destination but it is in fact relocating the goods to the destination safely. The biggest challenge for household shifting service provider...

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International Relocation

We offer door to door service with all the options including storage, safety and risk coverage that makes us stand ahead of the competitors in every front. With experienced packing...

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Packers Company

wherehousing and storage

We very well understand the emotions that are clubbed with the goods and so have provided high and robust levels of security incorporating innovative methods like CC TV cameras...

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Movers company

packing and unpacking

Transpire your packing and unpacking spree in a cake walk and tension free activity by making Shainex Packers and Movers as your relocation partner. We have assiduous team of packing...

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Here you plan your relocation, there we transpire it instantly. Your thought is followed by our well calculated and planned relocation strategies.

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Shell out less and get the best. Save your pennies by availing superior relocation packages at the most affordable rates.

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Enjoy delivery of your goods at the rocket speed with our scientific delivery management system that ensures on time delivery.

Welcome To Shainex Packers and Movers Services

Want to relocate your goods to new place? Tensed over how the entire thing will be transpired smoothly? Then now it is the time to relax and take a back seat ad witness the most comprehensive and diversified relocation materialized by ace packing and moving Company Shainex Packers and movers.

With the experience and expertise the Company has catapulted itself to new levels of relocation capability by adopting state of art packing methods that ensures the goods are relocated safely and in one piece. It has with its scientific relocation methods succeed in alluring the clients not only from Delhi but also around NCR and Gurugram regions. It has been rated as best packers and movers in the town.


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Ways of moving car from one city to another in India

01 May


Ways of moving car from one city to another in India

Relocating to another city? You must have piled up several things that have to be shifted and along with other household items; you have major challenge to relocate your car as well. Normally all the car owners are a bit too much attached with their...

Important Things to Remember While Transporting Your Car

23 Mar


Important Things to Remember While Transporting Your Car

While relocating, the first thing that comes in the mind is the safety of the goods. Any relocation, be it home, office or car starts with robust packing, safe transmission and safe unloading of those to the new destination.

If You are Planning for Office Relocation, Must Read!!

09 Mar


If You are Planning for Office Relocation, Must Read!!

Relocation of any kind is really hectic job. One has to be prepared for this process well in advance. It takes on nerves of every single person related to it. When it comes to office relocation time and perfection plays vital aspect in relocating goods

Shainex Packers and Movers believe in two aspects viz. safety of your goods and client satisfaction. And to ensure 360 degree safety of the goods, it incorporates professionalism in its work and being professional movers and packers Company the packing experts leaves no stones unturned in carrying out the shifting process perfectly in a smooth manner.

For a professional packers and movers, it is highly vital to be client centric and adopt modern packing methods. Packing expert of Shainex very well understand that even a small error in packing will cause great damage to the goods while in transit and also we as a client centric packers and movers company understand the emotions that are clubbed with goods and so our packing experts ensure robust and scientific packing methods for safe transmit of goods. We plan our schedule well in advance and perform tasks like pre departure planning for all items, incorporating quality packing materials, making arrangements of storage via warehouse facility and carry out our packing spree as per the plans.

We are known as the best packers and movers in the arena with the experience and detailed expertise of international and car relocation. International relocation requires scientific approach as goods are shipped overseas and our packers with out of the box packing has made International relocation simple and stress free affair. Our customized packing has made International relocation a stress free affair. We take pride in being the best International packers and movers in the town.

Car relocation being another arena; where our relocating experts have carved new benchmark. We very well understand the sentiments of the people towards their vehicles. Our packing and moving experts very well understand these aspects and shoulder the responsibility of car shifting smoothly using scientific methods. Our experts ensure that your car reaches the destination in pristine condition. We have with us high and enclosed car carriers that are so designed to protect and safeguard vehicle from weather, rough terrain etc.

Being the best packers and movers company, we have managed to achieve this crown by our hard work, foresight and adoption of innovative methods. We with our state of art packing techniques have made any type of relocation a cake walk activity. We are professional packers and movers that engineer innovative packing methods in tandem to the needs and requirements of the clients, goods involved and destination point. We believe in giving professionalized relocation services to the client at the most competitive prices.

Ours is the team of professional and assiduous Packers and movers Company and we keep quality at the centre and weave all the professionalized packing solutions by adding taste of perfection, innovation and robust safety norms making our shifting easy and tension free affair.

Along with quality we also see to it that safety of goods is the vital aspect as any client will expect that the goods reach the destination safely and thus have engineered safety techniques and employ robust methods like high quality packing measures so that goods are safe throughout the transit.

It takes loads of determination, hard work and innovation to be the best packers and movers and win the trust of the clients. Shainex Movers and Packers Company take pride in being the uncrowned king in the relocation acumen. Tensed over relocation? Or shifting spree is taking on your nerves then you ought to look out for Professional Relocation Company. Relocation though a small word comes with huge responsibilities, loads of work and series of activities that has to be carried out to transpire shifting process smoothly. Shainex Relocation is leading Packers and Movers based Company in Delhi that has redefined the very meaning of relocation to its client by making the entire activity easy and tension free. Earlier people used to get nervous when they want to undergo any process of shifting – household, office and corporate. Our packing experts transpire every activity of your shifting very systematically and in a professional manner such that the work of our esteemed client is not affected or disturbed. We with experience of years in this forte, relocation is a cake walk activity and this we see to it that our clients stays at ease and tension free throughout the shifting spree. Client’s Satisfaction and trust are the two vital pillars upon which all our relocation strategies are built. Every work of us is aimed to achieve customer satisfaction and develop trust. Another feather on the cap is that we offer quality relocation services at the most affordable rates. So if you are planning to relocate your home, office or vehicle anywhere in India then we with our expert relocation specialists are at your service anytime and anywhere. So be prepared to experience out of the box shifting spree by making Shainex Packers and Movers as your relocation partner.