If You are Planning for Office Relocation, Must Read!!

Relocation of any kind is really hectic job. One has to be prepared for this process well in advance. It takes on nerves of every single person related to it. When it comes to office relocation time and perfection plays vital aspect in relocating goods as every organization would like to do the shifting without wasting unnecessary time as time wasted directly affects the productivity of the firm.

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So if you are planning for office relocation then following vital points must be kept in mind:

  1. Speak to the office staff: Before planning for office relocation it is vital you take your office staff viz. workers, union members, employees, department heads, board members to confidence. Convey them the dates and place of move and then make sure that no member in the office is directly or indirectly troubled or get affected by the office move.
  2. Planning: Next important thing is to have a massive plan. For smooth office move it is advisable to plan at least two to three months ahead of the move date. Chalk out project plan in print and co ordinate your staff and others involved in the process accordingly. Also planning involves measuring the new office space and ordering new furniture if old does not fit in and simultaneously dispose of the old that are not to be relocated.
  3. Furniture and Inventory: Relocating office involves lot of inventory and furniture; many of them are delicate and vital in the office process – Computer devices, printers, desks, tables, chairs, fax machines etc. It is advisable that electronic items should be packed separately and other small but vital items like pen drives, files, accounting books and other documents that are related to government departments should be packed with great care as any damage to these will have adverse effect on the work of the firm. It is advised that certain documents like bank statements, cheque books, government files and other important documents should be relocated on your own, without relying any third party.
  4. Clearing all the bills of old office: Before shifting to new location it is professionally viable to clear out all the bills of the old office – telephone, internet, electricity bills, rentals if any etc.
  5. Preparing the base for start of work in new location: While winding up office in old location one needs to simultaneously prepare the base for new start. Providing new connection of electricity, telephone internet and such other things that are vital for office work should be arranged concurrently so that not much time is wasted while settling in new office.
  6. Look out for any important project: Look out for any important project that is left incomplete and is to be completed within the stipulated period of time. If the completion of project could not be postponed then plan the relocation after its completion so that you can concentrate on the shifting spree without any tension and also your client will not complaint for delay in project.
  7. Server room: While planning for new office you also take into account the requirement of space to locate your servers, switches and firewall. Based on type and number of servers you have you will be required to take into account certain environmental factors like cooling, noise, space, ventilation etc.
  8. Hire Relocation Company: If you are planning to transpire the office move on your own; then think again as it requires scientific and professional approach in planning the move and this can be incorporated only with experience and expertise. So hire experienced relocation Company that will conduct your office relocation work smoothly and without wasting much of your productive work time.

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