Important Things to Remember While Transporting Your Car

While relocating, the first thing that comes in the mind is the safety of the goods. Any relocation, be it home, office or car starts with robust packing, safe transmission and safe unloading of those to the new destination.

Car relocation also follows certain series of steps that are to be carried out for safe delivery of the vehicle at the desired destination point. People love their car to great extent and they do not tolerate any small scratch on their vehicle. So when it comes to shifting of the car they ensure that their vehicle reaches the destination point safe and sound.

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Here are some important things to remember while transporting car:

1. Inspect your car carefully: Before you get geared up to rev up your vehicle and inspect it carefully and in detail. Packing your car for the move will be successful if you know all the faults it has. Before handling over the car to the movers it is advisable to note down the defects like dents and scratches so that when you receive the car at the new destination, you will be able to cross check for any new damages have occurred in the transit.

2. Empty your vehicle: Empty your vehicles and see that, there is no luggage or items in the car as they could easily get damaged and also they would cause damages to your car. Also movers will not accept your car with the object inside it and in case you want to leave the stuff inside the trunk of the car consult the movers first hand.

3. Remove movable objects like radio or antenna from the car. All the items in or outside the car that could detach from it are a potential danger for the car as they could easily cause damage to the car or get broken up.

4. Relocating your car locally is easy job. You could rev up your car and drive it yourself. Corner the luggage that is essential to you and load it into the car. If your family is accompanying you just think of the space that is left for your luggage. Think of your health and safety. Moving car locally on your own is convenient for shorter distance as you can halt the car and relax or have meal at restaurant and such method of car relocation for local short distance is easy one and it will save you a bit of time and money. Whereas for cross country relocation it is advisable you select experienced and reliable packers and movers.

5. Make sure the petrol tank is empty and fold mirror and antenna else they may get damaged in transit.

6. Inform the car transporter about any operation issues and make him understand the specific technique to operate.

7. While cornering car transporters you should keep the note of following things:

  • Check for the authenticity of the car
  • Verify the relevant documents like registration of company, license, testimonials, service tax registration etc.
  • Research for reviews and feedback for the movers online
  • Go for door to door service
  • Car transporters who have their own fleet have a better choice
  • Accept written quotation and read all the terms and conditions
  • Cost of transportation always matters but not above safety

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