Experience Best Loading Unloading Relocation Services

Want to have smooth loading and unloading services – Services that makes your relocation a cake walk activity? For experiencing best shifting services make Shainex Packers and Movers as your relocation partner.

loading unloading relocation services

The Company takes pride in tabling best loading and unloading relocation services at the most affordable rates. The main concern of each and every relocation expert of the Company is to relocate your goods to the new location safely and in one single piece.

  • The Company has in house loading department with the help of which the goods are packed using robust packing and innovative packing methods. Packing is the first step where goods are made ready for loading purpose. Our assiduous packing experts pack your goods safely based on their quantity, nature and weight. Shainex believes that good quality is directly related to great client satisfaction and trust and so it incorporates high standards of packing norms that safeguard your goods and relocate them safely.
  • Assiduous packing staff make use of robust cartons for safe conveying of items such as furniture hardware, electronic items etc. Clothing is placed carefully into hanging wardrobes or flat wardrobes, crates and casings are built specially for items that require special protection during overseas relcoation
  • Next step is loading of goods and it is the crucial task for any assignment related to packing and moving. We have fleet of vehicles like trucks, trailers or containerized trailers and safe transportation needs for careful loading of items to the vehicles. Loading experts very well understand that there are chances of goods getting damaged in transit so they place the goods at the proper place in the transport like light goods are placed at the centre so that they are safely transported to the destination.
  • Loading experts have proper coordination and follow correct sequence while loading of goods so that extra care and precaution is taken for every household item and valuable things.
  • The experts first take walk through of the good that are to be packed and loaded and then they prepare a check list so that no item is left behind and even a small pin is transmitted safely. They analyze, plan and then carry out the shifting job in the best convenient manner for clients.
  • At the destination the experts compare the check list of goods that are loaded and unload them safely. They also unpack the goods and arrange them at the proper place as told by the clients.
  • Leveraging on years of fruitful experience, skillful tactics and advance mechanism Shainex delivers highly organized and systematic loading and unloading of goods that can be relied upon.

    With the main motto of relocating the goods safely to new destination and table customer friendly services within defined budget and time frame, Shainex packers and mover takes pride in offering best loading and unloading services that provide 360 degree safety and security to your goods.