If You are Planning for Office Relocation, Must Read!!

Relocation of any kind is really hectic job. One has to be prepared for this process well in advance. It takes on nerves of every single person related to it. When it comes to office relocation time and perfection plays vital aspect in relocating goods as every organization would like to do the shifting without wasting unnecessary time as time wasted directly affects the productivity of the firm.

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So if you are planning for office relocation then following vital points must be kept in mind:

  1. Speak to the office staff: Before planning for office relocation it is vital you take your office staff viz. workers, union members, employees, department heads, board members to confidence. Convey them the dates and place of move and then make sure that no member in the office is directly or indirectly troubled or get affected by the office move.
  2. Planning: Next important thing is to have a massive plan. For smooth office move it is advisable to plan at least two to three months ahead of the move date. Chalk out project plan in print and co ordinate your staff and others involved in the process accordingly. Also planning involves measuring the new office space and ordering new furniture if old does not fit in and simultaneously dispose of the old that are not to be relocated.
  3. Furniture and Inventory: Relocating office involves lot of inventory and furniture; many of them are delicate and vital in the office process – Computer devices, printers, desks, tables, chairs, fax machines etc. It is advisable that electronic items should be packed separately and other small but vital items like pen drives, files, accounting books and other documents that are related to government departments should be packed with great care as any damage to these will have adverse effect on the work of the firm. It is advised that certain documents like bank statements, cheque books, government files and other important documents should be relocated on your own, without relying any third party.
  4. Clearing all the bills of old office: Before shifting to new location it is professionally viable to clear out all the bills of the old office – telephone, internet, electricity bills, rentals if any etc.
  5. Preparing the base for start of work in new location: While winding up office in old location one needs to simultaneously prepare the base for new start. Providing new connection of electricity, telephone internet and such other things that are vital for office work should be arranged concurrently so that not much time is wasted while settling in new office.
  6. Look out for any important project: Look out for any important project that is left incomplete and is to be completed within the stipulated period of time. If the completion of project could not be postponed then plan the relocation after its completion so that you can concentrate on the shifting spree without any tension and also your client will not complaint for delay in project.
  7. Server room: While planning for new office you also take into account the requirement of space to locate your servers, switches and firewall. Based on type and number of servers you have you will be required to take into account certain environmental factors like cooling, noise, space, ventilation etc.
  8. Hire Relocation Company: If you are planning to transpire the office move on your own; then think again as it requires scientific and professional approach in planning the move and this can be incorporated only with experience and expertise. So hire experienced relocation Company that will conduct your office relocation work smoothly and without wasting much of your productive work time.

5 Ways to move your car from one city to another safely

Relocation is a hectic affair that takes on nerves on every person. Shifting to a new place is not a cake walk activity as one has to ensure that all the goods reach the new destination in one piece and that too within the stipulated time period. Lot of care and caution is to be taken when you are relocating the goods.

Car shifting services
Same is the case with the relocation of car. When one is seeking relocation of car, certain points are to be pondered upon to have safe and sound shifting of car.

Here are few options for car transportation:

1. Self Drive: If you are adventurous then one method of car relocation is self driving your vehicle to the destination. It is most unsafe though but there are few adventure loving people who resort to this method. This method is time consuming on one hand and on the other it may prove expensive if the car gets damaged or meets with accident in the transit. If you are relocating for a long distance then it is advisable to drive the distance. However if you are moving for a short distance – like from Pune to Mumbai then you can opt for this option.

2. Trucks: The trucks that are plying on highways for cargo are the regular carriers for bikes relocation and sometimes for shifting car relocation. Based on the size of the car, trucks can be used to relocate cars if the destination is within India. Small cars can be very well shifted using truck and it is economical method in India but it is not safe method as the car is in open and under the threat of environmental conditions.

3. Open trailers: These are larger trucks that have the capacity to carry multiple vehicles at the same time. These are open on the top and vehicles get parked on them. Open trailers are the most preferred mode of car transportation in India as most cars – small and big can be relocated together. Also the cost of relocation is economical and this is the safer option as compared to trucks.

4. Enclosed trailers: These are the safest mode of car relocation. All luxury cars and SUvs are shifted through enclosed carriers; inside which the car can be parked safely. As these trailers are closed relocation is done safely and the cars are not exposed to any dust, rain or any other adverse climatic     conditions. Also cars that are relocated using this mode of auto shifting are protected from theft. So most luxury car relocation in India is done through this mode of vehicle transportation.

5. Hiring packers and movers: The best method for car relocation is hiring packers and movers who are experienced in this forte. These packers and movers have innovative methods and state of art packing techniques that will provide robust safety to the vehicle. They draft ways to shift your car to the destination place safely and without any single scratch.

Want an easy Office relocation, Read this!

Relocating your office is certainly no easy act for sure. One has to see that the office work is not forfeited when the shifting spree is being transpired. A lot has to be taken into consideration for office relocation.
This challenging task is best materialized when scientific relocation services are implemented. Simple and easy shifting process will ensure that your relocation of the office is a cake walk activity.

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Any professional packing and moving company ensures that client is satisfied to the full extent and speedy and reasonable service is tabled to them.

It follows its professional and state of art relocation methods which are:

  • Packing & Wrapping the office goods in a professional way so that even the smallest thing reaches the destination point safely and in one piece.
  • Office has lots of office stationery, important files and other things and relocating them requires proper planning before start. Relocating company must prepare check list of the things to be done and then has to follow for transpiring smooth official shifting.
  • Transportation has to be chosen carefully based on the destination and the goods that are to be loaded. Experienced and professional shifting managers will corner the perfect medium of transport so that all your office goods reach the destination point safely.
  • Providing good and spacious storage option for both short and long period as the case may be
  • Insurance and scientific packing of goods is vital. Office furniture like desks, computer peripherals, printers and other electronic goods are required to be packed in such a manner that there occurs no damage to them in the transit. Company that follows innovative and modern packing methods will pack your official goods in such a manner that they is not affected by harsh weather or any other transport issues. For packing of electronic items special cartons and packing materials must be used and all the items are to be kept in the transport in the organized manner so that goods does not get damaged while in transit.
  • Office relocation requires packing and transporting of every single article and thus delicate and brittle articles require proper care and caution and has to be packed and arranged using scientific packing methods that meet every safety norm so that goods reach the destination safely.
  • Office relocation demands that things are put to place without wasting any time as more time wasted will have after effect on the work. So it is better for the company to make notes of the place before the start of shifting process. A team of experienced professionals have collect fair idea of the location and the whole process so that there is no last minute tension or other issues springing up.
  • The packing managers and experts coordinate with the department heads and managers so that the entire process of shifting is synchronized and then determine a schedule system that will avoid unnecessary disruptions. This is done by crafting proper logistics planning, dismantling and crating of furniture, fixtures and equipment, site preparation, floor planning and set ups.Office relocation demands that things are put in proper place within a stipulated time period as every company wants to finish off with the relocation spree as early as possible as they can start up with their routine work in time. So time plays a vital role in this relocation activity and an experienced relocation Company follows all the aforesaid norms of safety and time so that your office relocation is materialized easily and smoothly.