If You are Planning for Office Relocation, Must Read!!

Relocation of any kind is really hectic job. One has to be prepared for this process well in advance. It takes on nerves of every single person related to it. When it comes to office relocation time and perfection plays vital aspect in relocating goods as every organization would like to do the shifting without wasting unnecessary time as time wasted directly affects the productivity of the firm.

office relocation services

So if you are planning for office relocation then following vital points must be kept in mind:

  1. Speak to the office staff: Before planning for office relocation it is vital you take your office staff viz. workers, union members, employees, department heads, board members to confidence. Convey them the dates and place of move and then make sure that no member in the office is directly or indirectly troubled or get affected by the office move.
  2. Planning: Next important thing is to have a massive plan. For smooth office move it is advisable to plan at least two to three months ahead of the move date. Chalk out project plan in print and co ordinate your staff and others involved in the process accordingly. Also planning involves measuring the new office space and ordering new furniture if old does not fit in and simultaneously dispose of the old that are not to be relocated.
  3. Furniture and Inventory: Relocating office involves lot of inventory and furniture; many of them are delicate and vital in the office process – Computer devices, printers, desks, tables, chairs, fax machines etc. It is advisable that electronic items should be packed separately and other small but vital items like pen drives, files, accounting books and other documents that are related to government departments should be packed with great care as any damage to these will have adverse effect on the work of the firm. It is advised that certain documents like bank statements, cheque books, government files and other important documents should be relocated on your own, without relying any third party.
  4. Clearing all the bills of old office: Before shifting to new location it is professionally viable to clear out all the bills of the old office – telephone, internet, electricity bills, rentals if any etc.
  5. Preparing the base for start of work in new location: While winding up office in old location one needs to simultaneously prepare the base for new start. Providing new connection of electricity, telephone internet and such other things that are vital for office work should be arranged concurrently so that not much time is wasted while settling in new office.
  6. Look out for any important project: Look out for any important project that is left incomplete and is to be completed within the stipulated period of time. If the completion of project could not be postponed then plan the relocation after its completion so that you can concentrate on the shifting spree without any tension and also your client will not complaint for delay in project.
  7. Server room: While planning for new office you also take into account the requirement of space to locate your servers, switches and firewall. Based on type and number of servers you have you will be required to take into account certain environmental factors like cooling, noise, space, ventilation etc.
  8. Hire Relocation Company: If you are planning to transpire the office move on your own; then think again as it requires scientific and professional approach in planning the move and this can be incorporated only with experience and expertise. So hire experienced relocation Company that will conduct your office relocation work smoothly and without wasting much of your productive work time.

Experience Best Loading Unloading Relocation Services

Want to have smooth loading and unloading services – Services that makes your relocation a cake walk activity? For experiencing best shifting services make Shainex Packers and Movers as your relocation partner.

loading unloading relocation services

The Company takes pride in tabling best loading and unloading relocation services at the most affordable rates. The main concern of each and every relocation expert of the Company is to relocate your goods to the new location safely and in one single piece.

  • The Company has in house loading department with the help of which the goods are packed using robust packing and innovative packing methods. Packing is the first step where goods are made ready for loading purpose. Our assiduous packing experts pack your goods safely based on their quantity, nature and weight. Shainex believes that good quality is directly related to great client satisfaction and trust and so it incorporates high standards of packing norms that safeguard your goods and relocate them safely.
  • Assiduous packing staff make use of robust cartons for safe conveying of items such as furniture hardware, electronic items etc. Clothing is placed carefully into hanging wardrobes or flat wardrobes, crates and casings are built specially for items that require special protection during overseas relcoation
  • Next step is loading of goods and it is the crucial task for any assignment related to packing and moving. We have fleet of vehicles like trucks, trailers or containerized trailers and safe transportation needs for careful loading of items to the vehicles. Loading experts very well understand that there are chances of goods getting damaged in transit so they place the goods at the proper place in the transport like light goods are placed at the centre so that they are safely transported to the destination.
  • Loading experts have proper coordination and follow correct sequence while loading of goods so that extra care and precaution is taken for every household item and valuable things.
  • The experts first take walk through of the good that are to be packed and loaded and then they prepare a check list so that no item is left behind and even a small pin is transmitted safely. They analyze, plan and then carry out the shifting job in the best convenient manner for clients.
  • At the destination the experts compare the check list of goods that are loaded and unload them safely. They also unpack the goods and arrange them at the proper place as told by the clients.
  • Leveraging on years of fruitful experience, skillful tactics and advance mechanism Shainex delivers highly organized and systematic loading and unloading of goods that can be relied upon.

    With the main motto of relocating the goods safely to new destination and table customer friendly services within defined budget and time frame, Shainex packers and mover takes pride in offering best loading and unloading services that provide 360 degree safety and security to your goods.

10 Worst Mistakes While Hiring Packers and Movers Services

Selecting packers and movers services is really a confusing task and one has to be very careful in choosing the relocation service company as the security and safe reaching of the goods in the destination place is what every client aspires for and is first and foremost expectation of most of the clients. If you corner cheap and not so experienced packers and movers then no doubt you are putting the safety of your goods at stake.

packers and movers services
Here are 10 worst mistakes while hiring packers and movers services:

1. Going for cheap: People often tend to hire cheap packers and movers services without even examining the experience and expertise of the hired company in the said forte. It is meaningless to opt for cheap service if the packers Company are not capable of providing required safety and security for your goods. On one hand you are saving moving by hiring the cheapest one and on the other hand you tend to lose double the amount in case the goods are lost or damaged in the transit.

2. Experience: Experience is the best teacher. So it is always better to hire professional and experienced packers and movers Company. Many people tend to opt unprofessional packers and end up making their shifting spree a tedious and chaos affair altogether. As such packers will have little idea of scientific packing and transporting of goods. You are handing over our beloved belonging to the packers for shifting so you must avoid making choice in a rush.

3. Comparison: Comparing services of different movers makes you understand the extra advantages that you get at same cost. Checking multiple relocation providers gives you fair idea of cost of relocation, time taken, material used in packing and other benefits.

4. Not checking license and certificate: Normally people do not bother to check the license and certificates of any Company before hiring them and just get allured by their advertisements and logos. It is highly recommended to check all the licenses and certificates of the packing Company before hiring them to know their authenticity.

5. Not asking estimated budget in advance: Sometimes people do not bother to ask the estimated budget they might be paying for shifting. It is highly advisable to ask the estimated budget before hiring the Company as some of the Companies may fool you by asking more money from you after you avail the service. So it is always better to ask the estimated budget in advance before cornering the Company.

6. Avoid asking for Insurance services: Some packers and movers will advice you not to insure the goods but never follow this word of theirs and enquire whether they provide insured service or not. This is highly mandatory as Company could be able to compensate the loss in case any item is damaged on the way. They are your goods and so be sure of their safety in transit. Also never undervalue the goods for saving premium as what you declare is what you get.

7. Check out the testimonials: Ask for the experience of packers Company and check their testimonials. Doing this will give you clear picture of the clients they have worked with earlier and the responses of the clients in the testimonials will give better picture of the relocation company.

8. Not ensuring that everything is in black and white: It is advisable to take written agreement from the packing Company about the services they are going to render. Everything right from rates, insurance, services etc. needs to be written as it stands as proof and protective shield for the client against the Packers. As verbal commitments vanish in thin air while party cannot deny anything that is put on paper.

9. Not hiring packers in advance: Often people rush to corner packers and movers only few days before the actual shifting. Finding packers is a tough job as one has to care about reliability and costs before hiring one. Instead one should start searching and request estimates so that you can compare and evaluate the mover in advance.

10. Unaware of the inclusive charges: Unless you ask they will not tell about such charges. Inquire about each and every charge viz. extra charge for waterproof packing, labour charge, wooden packing, tips etc. Before selecting it is advisable to be clear with all the relocation charges.

5 Ways to move your car from one city to another safely

Relocation is a hectic affair that takes on nerves on every person. Shifting to a new place is not a cake walk activity as one has to ensure that all the goods reach the new destination in one piece and that too within the stipulated time period. Lot of care and caution is to be taken when you are relocating the goods.

Car shifting services
Same is the case with the relocation of car. When one is seeking relocation of car, certain points are to be pondered upon to have safe and sound shifting of car.

Here are few options for car transportation:

1. Self Drive: If you are adventurous then one method of car relocation is self driving your vehicle to the destination. It is most unsafe though but there are few adventure loving people who resort to this method. This method is time consuming on one hand and on the other it may prove expensive if the car gets damaged or meets with accident in the transit. If you are relocating for a long distance then it is advisable to drive the distance. However if you are moving for a short distance – like from Pune to Mumbai then you can opt for this option.

2. Trucks: The trucks that are plying on highways for cargo are the regular carriers for bikes relocation and sometimes for shifting car relocation. Based on the size of the car, trucks can be used to relocate cars if the destination is within India. Small cars can be very well shifted using truck and it is economical method in India but it is not safe method as the car is in open and under the threat of environmental conditions.

3. Open trailers: These are larger trucks that have the capacity to carry multiple vehicles at the same time. These are open on the top and vehicles get parked on them. Open trailers are the most preferred mode of car transportation in India as most cars – small and big can be relocated together. Also the cost of relocation is economical and this is the safer option as compared to trucks.

4. Enclosed trailers: These are the safest mode of car relocation. All luxury cars and SUvs are shifted through enclosed carriers; inside which the car can be parked safely. As these trailers are closed relocation is done safely and the cars are not exposed to any dust, rain or any other adverse climatic     conditions. Also this methods works great with a batch of expensive furniture. As a matter of fact, that’s how we recently moved a massive load from Europe to Thailand for yourkohsamuivillas.com/properties/praana-residence/”>yourkohsamuivillas.com with no damage whatsoever.
5. Hiring packers and movers: The best method for car relocation is hiring packers and movers who are experienced in this forte. These packers and movers have innovative methods and state of art packing techniques that will provide robust safety to the vehicle. They draft ways to shift your car to the destination place safely and without any single scratch.

How to prevent damage when shifting your household

Relocation is a tedious task that takes on nerve of every person.  One really gets tensed as to how household shifting will be materialized smoothly within the stipulated time period and also without any damage to the household things.

household shifting services
Household goods carry with them emotions and feelings which are close to the members of the house and one always see to it that goods are shifted in one piece, without any damage. In if you are moving out then you must follow certain tips for transpiring speedy and stress free relocation. The best option is hiring experienced and trustworthy movers and packers as they have all necessary equipment and all professional skills required for moving your household shifting services goods without causing any harm.

  • Pack Smartly: Smart and innovative packing will protect both your possessions from damage of all sorts. Use sturdy boxes with sufficient padding inside and do not put too many items in one container. Use extra packing for all sensitive and delicate goods. Avoid stuffing too many items in one container. Incorporate smaller and lighter boxes as they are easy to carry and also the risk of accidental damages are smaller.
  • Make use of appropriate moving equipment: Using proper moving equipment will enable to load and unload the household items safely. Items like dolly- aid to prevent heavy items from being dropped on the floor and furniture from being bumped into the door frames and corners; furniture pads will allow one to slide the furniture without scratching the floors, lifting straps for easy and safe lifting and holding heavy items. With proper usage of moving equipment things can be relocated safely and in one piece.
  • Provide shield: Protect your household things by incorporating shield and materials that prevent accidental damage of household things. Things like furniture blankets that protect furniture wrapped in them, plywood sheets to safeguard floors or tiles, carpet film protectors that are designed to provide carpets, large cardboard boxes and chipped edges – all are of great use while relocating the goods without damage.
  • Preventing walls and corners: The walls of the hallways and other traffic areas should be covered carefully in order to do away with scratches, holes etc. One can tap clothes, towels, blankets or thick paper up to the screen the walls.
  • Protecting stairs and banisters: Banisters can break when moving bulky items down the stairs so you need to wrap them well. Moving blankets provide robust cover when tapped securely along with clothing. Cover the stairs with protective clothing as staircases pose dangers when moving out not only for things but also for persons as they might trip over and fall and to safeguard stairs see that the edges might chip off thus provide adequate covers.
  • Reading contractor’s reviews:There is only as much as you can do, when it comes to preventing your property. You can take all the precautions in the world, but they will amount to nothing, if the people you trust your furniture with are either not careful or competent. It’s easy to brag about your skills in ads, but it’s what the actual customers say that matters. Browse through company’s yelp profile or visit their social media to get a feel what their work standards are. Of course, there is always are risk that reviews are fake and social media admirers are bought from Pistachio Consulting, but you should be able to sift through them.
  • Never be in a hurry: Never rush to things as it will only cause harm. Take time remain cool and draft smart moving plans. Move slowly in difficult places to avoid bumping the walls and dropping heavy items that will break. Be alert and cautious as it will aid in smooth household relocation.
  • Dismantle and empty things: One should dismantle furniture for safety moving. Also empty drawers and move them separately as furniture will tend to become lighter and you will prevent possibility of drawer falling off during move and hitting floors or walls.
  • Other things like do not lift too heavy load, nominate a spotter to guide you and warn your movements, clearing obstacles along route etc all make up to smooth and hustle free shifting.
  • Hire smart packers: The most sensible option is to hire a smart movers and packers for relocating your goods as they will ensure that goods reach the destination in one piece.

10 Super Useful tips when hiring Movers and Packers Company

10 Super Useful tips when hiring Movers and Packers Company

Relocation though a small word carries with it loads of responsibilities and umpteen numbers of activities that have to be transpired in order so that your goods are shifted from one place to another without any damage and in one single piece. Check loans on benefits direct lenders if you need help with moving finances.

When you Google out you will find there are many Movers and Packers Company claiming to provide the best relocation services but before cornering one it is advisable to consider the following useful tips so that your relocation spree becomes a cake walk activity.

  1. Experience: It is well known fact that experience is the best teacher and it brings along with it perfection and professionalism. The relocation company with years of fruitful experience certainly has to be the better option to go for as such company is well about of A – Z of shifting process and will certainly put best deals in your basket.
  2. Ask for quotation: Before hiring Movers and Packers it is advisable to request for a written quotation from at least two to three packers. Never trust their verbal commitment or what they promise or say on phone. Instead ask for written quotation so that everything is written in black and white and serves as a robust proof of their service. So come out from the myopic vision and go for wider options. Look for detailed cost breakup for each of the process involved viz. packing, loading charges, unloading charges etc.
  3. Enquire for any hidden costs involved other than any costs which are involved in the process apart from what is mentioned in their quotation and estimates.
  4. In case you are relocating to a different state or country then make sure that insurance is taken for moving goods. Most of the Packers provide insurance for the goods and see to it that all the insurance papers are collected before your move.
  5. Some packers offer additional service like free storage for a week or more. So if they provide this offer then make sure that these services are truly free and insist them to write it down so that it can be kept as proof.
  6. Always go for the packers that offer door to door relocation service. As in this case the entire responsibility to shifting the goods from your door step to the destination resides with the Packing Company.
  7. Before cornering the Packer it is worthwhile to check the credentials of the Company as you are going to handover your valuable goods to them. See that the Company you have selected is highly professional, trustworthy and sincere in transpiring their responsibilities and duties. So it is better to do initial screening checking the background of the Packers and Movers Company.
  8. It is always better to ask for few testimonials or referrals of their past customers. As this will give you fair idea of their work and professional approach. If required you can talk to past customers and enquire whether the Packers were in the position to deliver the goods in time and with utmost safety.
  9. Ask questions: Put up the questions to the Packers Company and get all the doubts clear before you sign the agreement. Enquire about the methods the incorporate for packing to ensure the safety of your valuable and fragile belongings. Look out for the size of vehicles they use so that you are ensured that there will be proper and safe loading of your goods.
  10. Analyze the budget: Lastly and the most important thing is to analyze the budget Go for the service that fits your pocket. Resort to the service that gives optimum services and that provides utmost safety to your goods as safe movement of your belongings to the destination is the foremost priority.It is better to give a glance to these tips before hiring Packers and Movers so that you end up making right decision.